About Us

Que Pasa Hub has changed organically into an SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) and Booking Agency in the Canary Islands to support companies in the growth of their business. Initially started as a local printed magazine we have evolved into a greener, cleaner business still providing the same information to our members. We provide everything from rental apartments to a comprehensive business directory which lists Bars/Cafes Restaurants etc along with other services needed and required by residents and tourist alike in all of the Canary Islands. You can find local events and excursion that you can enjoy with family and friends. Why not leave your reviews on the business you have visited. Take a look you wont be disappointed. For your security we have taken away the abiity to book and pay online. Before you part with any payments you contact the provider first, giving you peace of mind that your payments are reaching the correct person for the service or product they provide. 

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