Our Standards

Quepasahub.com is the owner of the website " www.Quepasahub.com " and the app (collectively, the "Platform").

Through the Platform, Quepasahub.com offers an online reservation service through which accommodation providers (among others), such as hoteliers and other providers ("Suppliers"), can offer their products and reservation services so that Platform users can use them to book.

Quepasahub.com does not purchase or (re) sell the reservation products or services. You pay the Provider directly (Quepasahub.com can play a facilitating role in this regard).

When you make a reservation through the Platform, you establish a direct contractual relationship with the Provider you reserve, unless otherwise specified. Quepasahub.com communicates your reservation details to the relevant Provider or Providers and sends you a confirmation email on behalf of the Provider, unless otherwise specified.

Our reservation service is free for you.

Quepasahub.com may provide on the Platform certain forms of payment for the payment (in advance / initial) of the amount of the reservation by customers, by virtue of which (depending on availability) bank transfers, payments can be made and processed by credit card or other forms of online payment for the Provider or on its behalf. Quepasahub.com may allow a third party payment processor to operate through the Platform in order to enable this facilitated payment. The facilitation of payments from Quepasahub.com to the Provider does not in any way prejudice the legal relationship between the Provider and the customer.


The Providers authorised to offer their reservation products or services, and whose offers are displayed on the Platform, have established a contractual relationship with Quepasahub.com. Quepasahub.com does not have any capitalist ties with the Providers.

As part of this contractual relationship, Providers pay a commission (consisting of a percentage of the product price (e.g. room price)) to Quepasahub.com after the end user has enjoyed the service or Provider's product (e.g. after customer has stayed with Provider (and paid)).

If the Provider does not comply with its obligations to Quepasahub.com, it may be terminated by Quepasahub.com.


The products and services available to book on the Platform may not be exhaustive. Registered Providers do not necessarily offer all reservation products and services on the Platform.

Quepasahub.com does not offer similar professional or non-professional products and services without a contractual relationship with Quepasahub.com.

On the Platform, you will find the number of services and products available throughout the Canary Islands or Worldwide that can be booked on the Platform.

On the search results page you will find the number of Providers available in the country, region or city where you have searched for the service or product.


All the information of the Providers displayed on the Platform is based on the information provided by the Providers, who update the prices, availability and options under their own criteria and at their own pace through the extranet to which they have access.

Quepasahub.com endeavours to update the Platform in real time. However, content updates (such as Provider service list or descriptions) may take a few hours.

 Providers ranking (accommodation)

  • Our highlights (default ranking):

Quepasahub.com seeks to display search results that are relevant to each client, and to do so it offers a personalized default ranking of the Providers of our Platform. Customers can browse this ranking, use filters and sort according to an alternative ranking, so they can modify how the search results are presented and see the ranking sorted according to other criteria. Quepasahub.com uses various algorithms to obtain the default ranking results, and this process is constantly evolving.

Quepasahub.com has identified these parameters as those most closely related to a customer finding a suitable Travel Provider and therefore prioritises those parameters in the algorithms (main parameters): the customer's personal search history, the times that the page of an accommodation has been accessed from the search results page (known as "click-through" or "CTR"), the number of reservations in relation to the number of visits to the page of the Accommodation Provider relevant travel on the Platform (the "Conversion"), or the gross and net bookings (including and excluding cancellations, respectively) of a Travel Provider. Conversion and CTR are affected by several factors, including: the customer feedback score (the components and aggregated scores), availability, terms, prices (competitive), content quality and other characteristics of the Provider. The percentage of commission paid by the Provider, as well as other advantages for Quepasahub.com (eg, commercial agreements with the Provider or with strategic partners), may also affect the default ranking, as well as the Provider's history in relation to with the punctuality in the payments.

  • Featured:

Providers with accommodation that Quepasahub.com classifies as home are listed first. 

  • Score and price:

Suppliers will be displayed in order from highest to lowest value for money according to the rating of the comments and the price.

  • Stars and other quality ratings:

Offers are displayed according to the number of stars (from low to high or high to low) that Providers provide to Quepasahub.com. According to (local) regulations, the star rating is assigned by an (independent) third party, for example a hotel rating organization (official), or based on the opinion of the Accommodation Providers themselves, without taking into account objective criteria . The Providers star rating displayed on the Platform is not determined by Quepasahub.com. Quepasahub.com does not impose formal obligations on star ratings nor does it review them. In general, the star rating indicates where the Provider is compared to legal requirements (if applicable) or, if the system is not regulated, the (typical) industry or sector standards for pricing, facilities and services available (these requirements and standards may vary by country and organization). Quality ratings used by Suppliers other than hotels (for example, bed and breakfasts) may not correspond to the star rating system that is applied in hotels. If we receive information indicating that the Provider has an incorrect star rating on our platform, we will verify this information with the Provider and ask them to change their star rating or to confirm that it is correct and not erroneous. Quality ratings used by Suppliers other than hotels (for example, bed and breakfasts) may not correspond to the star rating system that is applied in hotels. If we receive information indicating that the Provider has an incorrect star rating on our platform, we will verify this information with the Provider and ask them to change their star rating or to confirm that it is correct and not erroneous. Quality ratings used by Suppliers other than hotels (for example, bed and breakfasts) may not correspond to the star rating system that is applied in hotels. If we receive information indicating that the Provider has an incorrect star rating on our platform, we will verify this information with the Provider and ask them to change their star rating or to confirm that it is correct and not erroneous.

When filtering by stars, the results may also include other applicable quality ratings used on the Platform, such as vacation rentals. This quality rating is assigned by Quepasahub.com to accommodations such as houses and apartments, for example, apartments, villas and holiday homes. This quality rating is based on many factors including amenities, size, photos, review score, location, and service. When filtering by stars, the user has the option to view "hotels only" to remove vacation rentals.

  • Stars and price:

Suppliers will be listed from highest to lowest value for money based on stars

Most valued:

Vendors that have received the best customer scores will be displayed first (highest to lowest).

Fees and possible additional charges

Suppliers are responsible for setting and communicating the rates displayed on the Platform. However, Quepasahub.com can give credit / benefits to customers at the cost.

The rates are shown for the different options or combinations of options offered by the Provider. An option, unless otherwise stated, is a combination of the following: check-in date, check-out date, room type, occupancy, meal plan (if any), and cancellation conditions. In some cases, there may be more aspects that define an option.

The price displayed on the Platform includes all mandatory / unavoidable taxes and charges as we can reasonably recognize and calculate such taxes and charges. Possible taxes and additional charges may vary depending on the country, the Provider, the type of room selected and the number of clients. All offer descriptions specify what taxes are included or not included in the rate. You can find more information about what each rate includes in the breakdowns / information indication that is displayed next to the price. These breakdowns, while they can help you better understand what the price is made of, may not be very detailed. This information is also displayed in the confirmation email. Keep in mind that taxes may vary depending on the decisions made by local authorities.

The Platform displays all the services and equipment offered by the Provider (to the extent that the Provider communicates them to Quepasahub.com). To view them, click on the Provider name and open the offer breakdown. Additional charges may be charged for some services, such as breakfast, housekeeping or internet.  The currency converter on our Platform is only an informational tool and the results it offers are not accurate or current at the time of booking. Actual rates may vary.

Method to resolve conflicts

The contractual relationship is established between the Supplier and the client. Therefore, any claim related to the conditions of the stay or the fulfillment of the services should be addressed directly to the Provider.

The provision of our services is governed by Spanish Law, and the Spanish courts have exclusive jurisdiction. However, consumers can rely on the provisions of the applicable consumer laws imperatively in terms of the applicable legislation and the competent authority. In the case of customers from the European Economic Area, we recommend that you first inform Quepasahub.com of any complaint through Customer Service. If the complaint is not resolved in this way, the customer can file the complaint through the European Union's online dispute resolution platform: http://ec.europa.eu/odr .


All reservations with immediate confirmation on Quepasahub.com are confirmed directly to the Provider, depending on the availability you have online. Quepasahub.com provides accommodation providers with guidance and assistance in quickly resolving overbookings. Accommodation providers have to keep all reservations made on the web and are solely responsible for overbooking. If the accommodation provider is overbooked and is unable to offer a suitable alternative accommodation, the client has the option to cancel the reservation free of charge (and any prepayment will be refunded) or to choose a similar accommodation. price, if any.

The repayment term depends on the type of payment. For reservations where Quepasahub.com facilitates payment, we refund the customer. In 90% of cases, the refund is processed within 5 business days after:

  • a) cancellation of the reservation due to a confirmed overbooking; or
  • b) the receipt and validation of the proof of charge after the stay, in cases of possible reimbursement of the final difference between the rates due to relocation.

In all other cases where reservations have payments managed by the accommodation provider, this is responsible for processing the refund. In this case, we will do everything in our power so that the accommodation that was overbooked makes the refund to the client as soon as possible. If there has been a relocation, the client must send the Invoice for the alternative accommodation to our Customer Service to initiate the refund process.

Claims management

We have email channels that you can use to send a query or complaint to our Customer Service team. On our Help page you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions and useful information to manage your reservation.  All claims are logged in the system, and will be reviewed based on the priority and urgency of the request. Typically 75% are responded to within 72 hours and 95% within 10 business days.

In case of discrepancies in the description of the accommodation, we will verify the presumed discrepancies, we will ask the collaborator to modify the information displayed on the platform, if necessary and, if the problem persists and nothing is done to solve it.  We reserve the right to suspend the hosting provider from our platform. If incorrect rates have been charged, the supplier must inform the customer in advance of the reservation dates. We will do our best to step in and help the customer and supplier reach a favourable agreement.

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